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Assured Return projects in Gurgaon

Assured Return projects are the best for Investment. Any Assured Return project of a Good developer will offers you a minimum Assured Return ranging from 9% to 12% till possession. So you get almost 30% - 40% of your invested money back by the time the building is ready and Capital appreciation as well. Most reputed builders offer First Lease guarantee, and a standard company lease is of at least 9 years. So you get assurance of another 9 years rental with first 3 years Locking. Let’s keep it this way:
For example:

  • You bought a property of area 500sq.ft @ Rs.8000/- pr sft.
  • Basic Cost of Property: 500 X 8000 = 40 Lac
  • Fixed Assured return: 12 % per annum till possession i.e. approx. 4 years (48 months)
  • Assured Return: Rs. 40,000/- per month annually computed to 4,80,000/-
  • Money received back by you in 48 months = 40,000 X 12 X 4 = Rs. 19,20,000/-
  • i.e. 48% return on your Capital Invested of Rs. 40 Lac

So the net cost of the property by the time its ready is only Rs. 20,20,000/- (money invested less return received from developer) plus the Capital appreciation, which is another 20% approx.

Now the icing on the cake is that you’ll get First Lease Guarantee as well from the Developer.

So, for investment purpose Assured Return Projects are the best.

Note : Before investing in any Assured Return project get all the details about the builder financials and background verified.


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