Buy Commercial Property in Gurgaon for best returns on your investments. As per the investors vision and budget we have top commercial projects in Gurgaon to choose from. We have curated a list of best commercial projects in Gurgaon to make the decision making simpler for the buyer. Buy Commercial office space in Gurgaon, Buy Shop in Gurgaon, Buy Food Court in Gurgaon , Buy Restaurant Spaces in Gurgaon, Buy Service Apartments in Gurgaon , Buy Industrial Plot in Gurgaon, Buy commercial land in Gurgaon through our property experts. We have listed the best projects for Assured Returns Property in Gurgaon. Exclusive deals for Pre Rented properties and Pre leased properties in Gurgaon with good returns are listed with us. We have a team of Leasing experts which enables our clients to get their vacant spaces leased to top Corporates & MNC’s. Our advisors are experts in Commercial market of Gurgaon and have in-depth knowledge about property law.

Profit on Investments, Growth of Assets and the Returns on Capital for our clients is our top priority.


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Assured Return Projects in Gurgaon

Assured Return Property are best for Investments in Gurgaon from a reputed developer with a proven track record. Assured Return project of a Good developer will offers you a Assured Return on your investment ranging from 9% to 11% till possession. So you get almost 30% to 40% of your invested money back by the time the building is ready and Capital appreciation as well. Most reputed builders offer First Lease guarantee and Lease assistance. A standard company lease is of for 9 years with increase in rent after every three years. The most important factor before choosing any Assured Return property is the profile of the developer, featured here are some of the top projects in Gurgaon for Assured Returns by prominent developers..

Service Apartments

Studio apartments have a good appreciation potential. Owing to increasing demand for housing, even the limited numbers of studio apartments are attracting investors. Studio apartments yield higher rental returns than even 2/3BHK’s, because of the limited availability. This is mainly because these are fully furnished with more facilities than regular flats Best for Investment point of view. You can consider buying it if your kid has recently joined college in a Metro and is spending a good amount on rent. However, even in that case, once he gets married and has a family, he would need more space eventually. At that stage, again you may want to sell it or at least rent it out.

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